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jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

From the stars to the gutter.

I went to festival and this is what I found between the scheduled entertainment.....

A bright new start to the day.

If your hand has been mutilated by a bull, best sleep it off under a tree.

Carrying the weight of s thousand beards.

Hello cheeky.

Make yourself at home love.

To avoid disappointment, never sleep in a urinal.

Not ideal, but better..

A horrible nightmare.


It's all too much for some.

From the stars to the gutter.

And back again.

And finally, least but most definitely not last......

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  1. Did you really take all those pictures? Listen mate, I know its only me who reads your blog but you can still make more effort than just typing in 'sleep' to google images. I'm only kidding of course. I know that the louis we know and love is a tenacious little digital spy, a paparazi of the curious. Well done though really really because these constitute a most brilliant collection. Is it in Barcelona? WHat festival was it. Annual somnambulist AGM?